Porta Bar and Pizza will open a branch in northern New Jersey

2021-12-16 07:27:07 By : Mr. Leo Shen

cold drink. Neapolitan pizza. Interesting music. What else do you want to spend a night in New Jersey?

The bar/pizzeria Porta can assure you of all these things and will open a third branch in the Garden State!

Ten years ago, Porta made its debut at a pizzeria in Asbury Park in 2011. After its success on the Jersey Shore, the second restaurant opened in Jersey City in 2014.

Now Porta will open a store on Bloomfield Ave. in downtown Montclair. According to nj.com, it will open in 2022.

They are currently hiring employees. According to a post on their Instagram, the interested person should be "experienced and educated people who want to build a safe space together and grow in our brand and community. Including competitive rates , Benefits and PTO."

This seems to be an enthusiastic and enthusiastic employee. According to the restaurant’s website, “Porta is a true expression of how we take care of our family. Porta stems from the simple desire to gather at a table and dine with our loved ones. It represents the pursuit of speed, gratitude and ease. What you want in life."

The name "Porta" comes from the phrase "Porta patens esto", which means "may the door be always open."

Let me tell you, this Jersey girl can't wait for those Montclair doors to open! See you in 2022, Porta Montclair!

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