Sky is the limit of Christmas gifts for every budget

2021-12-16 07:07:54 By : Mr. He Feng

8. Fatalig puppy vase, 15 cm, Ä5,

It is exactly four weeks before Christmas, so the pressure is really great. From less than 2 Euros to more than 100 Euros, this is a wild, reliable, touching and completely ridiculous gift I picked from the 2021 AW 2021 shelf, whether online or on the street. 

Please remember to pay attention to those delivery times when important days are approaching.

For brands with a rich history of kitchen design, you can't go wrong with Alessi glitter made of iconic stainless steel or coated steel. The sommelier corkscrew designed by Alessandro Mendini is a pocket parrot that can peck off the cap or act as a classic corkscrew. Depending on the feather color, these birds should land in the 40-50 Euro zone, so be wary of high dealer fares. 

The Valerio Sommella Ribbon Peeler Sfrido is a cute steel, priced at 29 euros, or refreshed with the nose-shaped Savon de Chef. This is a small, sensual steel device that can be passed through your hands under cool running water Rubbing to remove all smells from fish to garlic, 18 euros. Pushing the price to classic coffee, you can't do better than the popular Brutalist style Pulcina espresso machine, which uses a stepped polished black to provide the ultimate handcrafted espresso. 

Designed by Michele De Lucchi, 60 Euros,

For junior chefs, smoking can be intimidating, but there are some equipment, including handy guns, that can place the process under the trigger finger. The PolyScience Smoking Gun (for Sage) uses a cold process and provides an 18-inch nozzle extension hose and two 0.5-ounce PolyScience Hickory and Applewood smoke sample cans. It is battery powered, and you can even take it outdoors to add flavor to your cocktails.

Cold smoking is gentle on food, so you can flavor delicate foods such as ice cream, butter or cocktails, as well as meat and cheese.

Look out for the double discount, including the bell-shaped ornament attached to your smoker's desk installation. Prices start from 110 euros,[/url.

Speaking of wine and technology. Rechargeable cork remover has become a must-have for executive kitchen counters, adding to your gentle influence (affected by the clumsy apology for wine). Cuisinart Wine Opener Style CW50 has a copper finish, which caught my attention on its smart docking station. 

It is electric and can open up to 80 bottles of wine in one night. Oops! To remove the aluminum foil casing from the bottle, simply use the onboard aluminum foil cutter. Then just put the wine opener on the wine bottle. 

Includes a date indicator and vacuum seal to keep the unfinished wine fresh for longer, and a date indicator for the original break-in. €49.90, suppliers include

This is where I usually jump to Joseph-Joseph to get gadgets or resin storage geniuses, but this year I'm at a loss. Let's take a look at Peleg in Tel Aviv, which is the creative center of the playful young designer Shahar Peleg. His works are full of fun and reasonably priced. They are ideal stocking fillers, both practical and exhilarating. 

The stems he provided can be used to make flower napkin holders, placed in a vase on the table, 16 euros for six people, pigs and frogs that suck the yolk from eggs, 14.86 euros, sumo egg cups complete the body with boiled eggs, 16.22 Euros for two persons. 

My favorite this year? His magnetic vase consists of four slender vases, floating on the table, the base is fixed under the table, and the price is 40.54 euros. 

The delightful Clip-Purse turns any freezer bag or sandwich bag into a small buckle handbag for two 9.45 Euros. Suppliers include

Decorations for young people and new housewives may be difficult to find, and making decisions with their changing tastes is also very cunning, but I want to say, either go big or go home. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon table lamp is 60 cm high, adjustable and poseable, and can be directly plugged into any USB socket. 

In the biodegradable BDP plastic, it does not cause the scream of "poisonous tongue", it is the idea of ​​navigating in the complex galaxy of the junior certificate in their research area. Comes with a branded box. 52 Euros, suppliers include

Ikea, Scandinavian’s cheap gift cheat house should be handled with care, but who can resist its Fatalig puppy vase, its ridiculous all-round original dog shape suitable for five people. 

For the 1970s atmosphere in 2022, IKEA has restocked some art phones, including its Bauhaus-style Porjus, which can surface in any dull eyeliner for 10 euros. 

Finally, take a look at IKEA’s throw, everyone can use one more, remember their existing plan, €8-€59,

Strolling down St. Patrick’s Street and stuffing 10 Euros into the bottom of the bag? Pick up six flower spoons from Sostrene Grene. 

On a cherry blossom-shaped bowl, you can choose a design printed with silver or gold finishes. A set of four will be a delicate and delightful offering. 1.69 euros each,

Kikkerland is another innovative brand with an in-house design team of 15 euros, providing socks fillers to the world. Their work includes a three-piece terracotta collar, which can be decorated with any glass vase or large jam jar, for 20 Euros. Green Orb clay pots do not have any soil. You only need to add water to the pot and sprinkle seeds like cress on the surface to create a fluffy green feature in the kitchen or office. 

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These people like to wash clothes, including a beautiful Kitty bag, used to store delicate clothes and socks, 13.50 euros, or a set of Sock Monkeys, grab a pair in the cycle, a set of 12, only 7 euros. 

Stitch your own clock so that your friends can embroider their own clock face. Choose from four different designs, or let them go crazy. Includes quartz clock device with 4.25 inch long hands, (1) cover and (1) screws, 15 euros,

Little green fingers twitching to plant grass? 

Look for paper flower pot manufacturers, use 15 euros, and Etsy's newspaper scraps.

Sticking to simple hand-made, it is another excellent product of Eat Sleep Doodle, which is a gorgeous wild animal-themed tablecloth. When you are busy in the kitchen or make contact with children, take out their water-soluble pens to color. 

Some adults will find this as relaxing and engaging as a child, so don't think of this as a subtle invitation to meditation to escape. After finishing, as long as the cloth is clean, you can leave it, or put it directly into 30C to wash and start again. 

28.95 euros. The pen set starts at 7.95 euros,

So, what is my favorite cheap gift this year? Well, I have to admit that I am the one who will never find her phone/key/credit card holder-I am totally useless. Enter — Tile, Bluetooth-enabled devices connect to your things, and then call the free Tile app to find them. 

If the Tile is nearby, use the Tile app on iOS, Android, or Windows to make your Tile ring, or let your smart home device find it for you. Double-click the logo on the Tile to make your phone ring even if it is muted.

When you are not in Bluetooth range, they can use the Tile app to check the nearest location of the Tile, or seek safe and anonymous help from the Tile Network to help you search. Upgrade to the enhanced features of Tile Premium, the smart alarm will notify you before you leave anything. 

The tile set starts at 21.99 euros,

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