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2021-12-16 07:07:28 By : Ms. Mix Xie

The holidays are approaching, and we spend a lot of money to buy gifts for each other. Not all money is spent on gifts-we also need to wrap the gifts.

 Did you know that Britons use hundreds of miles of wrapping paper every year? Will these over 80 square meters end up in our trash can? In other words: we spend a lot of money on things we throw away. In addition, we spend a lot of time wrapping gifts in paper and throw them away the moment they open.

In order to reduce the amount of packaging paper used, there are several alternatives that need to be considered. There are so many creative ways to wrap gifts, and you may not need wrapping paper at all! Below we have collected some suggestions for alternative packaging.

It is not uncommon to wrap gifts in cardboard boxes, but we usually also wrap them in paper. That's not necessary. Just put the gift in the box and close it with tape. If you think the box is not sufficiently decorative, you can tie ribbons, hemp yarn or any thread around you at any time.

Another technique is to decorate the box with pictures or stamps. With beautiful colors and interesting pictures, it will be very popular under the tree.

Maybe you have some old clothes, tablecloths or curtains that you don't use? If you do, this is perfect for wrapping your gifts. Cut it into suitable pieces to cover the gifts and fold them the way you want. We recommend cutting some long and narrow pieces so that you can tie them together to make ribbons.

Do you give a scarf? Wrap it on other gifts for the same person (if they receive more gifts). If you have sewing skills, you can make practical bags and use them to hold gifts. The recipient can then use the packaging for storage or reuse it as "wrapping paper" in the future.

From time to time, we buy things stored in boxes or jars, such as snuff boxes or jam jars. These are very suitable as gift boxes, please remember to clean them first. If you have an empty tin box with mints, this is a perfect gift box for small gifts such as earrings or necklaces. The round box of snuff is also perfect for gifting jewelry or other small things such as money, cuffs or small Christmas decorations. Finish it with a ribbon, and you can put it under the Christmas tree.

The jam jar is perfect for giving away homemade Christmas candies. They are also a practical gift because the jars can be reused for other purposes.

Compared to the other alternatives mentioned above, this is not so creative, and you are trapped by the wrapping paper again. However, if you don't tear off the paper like a child (everyone hopes so), you can save the wrapping paper and reuse it next Christmas. This way you can still decorate your gift with decorative wrapping paper, but avoid unnecessary waste and unnecessary money.

Therefore, now that you have learned about alternative and creative ways of wrapping gifts, you have no time to wait. Find old curtains and cut them into pieces, decorate cardboard boxes for online shopping and empty jam jars. Let the Christmas gift wrapping begin.

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