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2021-12-31 10:37:24 By : Ms. Niki Hsu

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You’ve undoubtedly seen it on the Target shelves or your Instagram feed, so here’s the honest Versed Skincare review you’ve been looking for. While I’m admittedly not an expert, I like to think that my skincare obsession gives me some credibility. I’m down to try whatever the latest and greatest trend in skincare is, and right now, it’s definitely products from Versed. My TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds are full of rave reviews, so I knew it was time to test it out for myself.

Versed Skincare markets itself as the cleanest, most affordable drugstore skincare brand. Its mission? To deliver high-quality skincare without high markups. Not only are the products clean, but the packaging is sustainable as well. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free including zero artificial fragrances, parabens, and sulfates, along with 1,350+ other toxins that the brand avoids. When a skincare brand has so many products, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused about what to use, and when. Versed, however, smartly includes How, Where, and When instructions on every bottle, making it easy to remember what each product is for (without having to keep track of the original packaging!). And the best part? I could pickup every item I needed to test from the beauty department at Target.

I tried eight of Versed’s most loved products and did a deep dive into their active ingredients, textures, smells, and, of course, results. Does it really live up to the hype? Let’s find out.   

MY SKIN TYPE: combination, but with dry tendencies and some sensitivity.

This is my favorite Versed Skincare product and the one that I will 100% keep in my skincare regimen. It’s designed to calm inflammation and decongest pores, and it does just that. Since I have sensitive skin, a lot of acne-clearing products dry out my skin too much, but this Clarifying Serum is lightweight and not at all drying. I also like that I can apply it all over my face 3-4 nights a week preventatively, instead of waiting for a pimple to pop up and treating it with spot cream. 

Retinol is perhaps the buzziest skincare product right now, and it’s designed to “press restart” on your skin and help with everything from texture to acne. If you’ve been nervous to implement retinol into your skincare routine (like me), this is the perfect starter product. It’s super gentle because while it does contain retinol, it also contains retinol substitutes. I used this three times a week and didn’t experience any redness or dryness, so I feel confident in using retinol more often. Just make sure to always wear SPF to protect the new skin cells.

This product is called “The Shortcut” for a reason because, after cleansing, it’s the only product you need to use. Facial peels have always intimidated me a bit since I’m wary of intense treatments, but this particular peel was so gentle. While I am not sure if I saw many visible results with this product, my skin did feel smooth and soft every morning after sleeping with this peel on. 

I loved using this serum in the mornings. While it is hard to see results right away with vitamin C serums, this product gave my skin an immediate glow. The licorice root extract also gave the serum a natural scent that reminds me of chocolate (weird, I know). Definitely wait for this to dry completely before putting on makeup, as it can be a little sticky. 

This is my new favorite ‘heavier’ moisturizer. It’s definitely on the rich side but still isn’t greasy. My dry skin tends to need an extra boost of hydration in the winter, so this has been my go-to. My only note with this product is that it’s a little too thick for underneath makeup, so I usually use it at night or on no-makeup days. 

I love cleansing balms, so I was really looking forward to trying this product, but it is actually my least favorite of the bunch. Cleansing balms are meant to dissolve makeup without stripping away moisture, but I had to wash my face up to three times to completely remove makeup. I ended up using this first, then going in with a gel cleanser to make sure my face was truly clean. However, a little does go a long way and I liked the light scent from the eucalyptus oil. 

The Wash It Out Gel Cleanser is soap-free, clean, and eye-safe. It gave my skin the squeaky clean feeling that I actually love, without leaving it feeling too dry or tight. Rosewater and mint give it a refreshing, cooling feel and smell, as well. As previously mentioned, I used this product after doing an initial cleanse with the cleansing balm. I used this cleanser twice a day, every day, and barely made a dent in the bottle, so it will last you a long time.

Of all the products in this Versed Skincare review, these glow drops now have a permanent spot in my makeup bag. Versed describes this product as acting and feeling like a serum, but looking like the perfect glow, and I couldn’t put it better myself. I used these drops on no-makeup days to give my skin a natural glow and as the last step of my face makeup to add some extra brightness. I’m all about the glow, so I loved that this product acts as both makeup and skincare, as it hydrates and plumps. I have fair to medium skin and used the shade Sheer Golden.

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