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2021-12-16 07:14:05 By : Ms. Yoyo Gan

My name is Ruth and I am Lovina's long-term "English" friend. She asked me to write a column this week because she is busy preparing for the wedding of her daughters Loretta and Dustin this Friday. The wedding will start at around 9am, and they will hold the wedding around 11:30am. After the wedding, lunch will be served. They expect 450-500 people to dine at noon. Some guests will stay until the afternoon to visit and catch up, and more guests will dine at 5:30 in the afternoon. They will be ready to provide about 600 servings for this meal again. In the evening, the youth will gather together and they will also enjoy a hot meal.

The chef’s carriage and refrigerated carriage were delivered on Saturday, and all the tables were placed in the barn, full of cutlery and silverware. Put a long plastic tablecloth on the table to keep it clean.

Earlier this week, Lovina went to buy wedding supplies. She has stockpiled staple foods such as flour, sugar and butter, but most of the groceries need to be purchased fresh on the day of the wedding. Only 400 pounds of potatoes, 20 gallons of milk, 40 lettuce, 48 loaves of bread, 50 containers of whipped ingredients, 8 watermelons, 10 cantaloupes, and 10 bunches of celery were purchased. On Tuesday, a few women came and chopped up all the bread and baked them. Loretta and Dustin asked for cupcakes as one of the desserts, so the women also baked some cupcakes. In total, they plan to bake, frost and decorate more than 600 cupcakes. Other desserts on the menu include cherry pie, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and caramel pudding.

On Wednesday, more women will bake cherry pie. The onions, carrots and celery used for seasoning are chopped, bagged and labeled. They baked the leftover cupcakes, some of which were frosted and decorated. The icing is a delicious light chocolate, and the decorations are multicolored dots in the shape of leaves.

The three chefs at the wedding are sister Emma, ​​niece Elizabeth and Barbara. She is a neighbor and friend of the same church. As soon as the women arrived, the head chef arranged for them to work in the morning, and they soon started to do their work. When women work together, they hear news about the family, church, and community, talk and laugh. When you drink coffee in the morning, you will bring baked goods. At lunch, you will share casseroles and salads brought by the maid.

Loretta chose an autumn theme for her wedding, because the leaves began to turn and pumpkins and mother could be seen on the front porch. Loretta’s table is covered with yellow, red, and orange tablecloths, autumn leaves garlands are hung around the windows of the shed, and the middle of the table is sprinkled with colorful leaves. The air in the early morning is a bit cold, but the weather this week is expected to be warm and clear during the day. Compared with the rainy days and cool temperatures of last week, this is a welcome change.

Dustin is putting the finishing touches on the pole barn across the street from Lovina's. Install siding, pour concrete floors, install doors and windows. Dustin hopes to finish some work on the eaves by Friday. His pole barn is the place where the wedding is held. After the wedding, family and friends will cross the street to Joe and Rowena’s house for lunch.

There are special decorations in the decoration to commemorate and commemorate the departed relatives. There are three wooden candlesticks, each with the names of Moses, Sister Susan, and brother-in-law Jacob. A deer shot by Moses is inlaid on a special wooden board, which Emma's son Jacob cut, finished and carved to commemorate him. They will be missed very much in this special celebration. As an outsider, I can see that the harm is still there, but besides the pain, there is acceptance and peace. When they shared precious memories, they smiled and laughed, and paid special attention to let Loretta and Dustin spend a special day. May God bless this special couple to start their husband and wife journey.

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